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Limited licences United Kingdom and United States of America

An Annuity Income for the rest of your life
1. Earn the best type of income ---- An Annuity Income.
2. Recover your investment immediately through the sale of stock. 
3. Earn an Annuity income from the end of the first year.
4. Your investment is secured by stock.
5. There is no risk. The retail value of stock sales covers your investment.

United Kingdom
1. Total Investment TWO THOUSAND POUNDS (per licensed area) 2. Licence fee - ONE THOUSAND POUNDS
3. Stock supplied - ONE THOUSAND POUNDS
4. Sales of stock to retail sector equals TWO THOUSAND POUNDS 5. Annuity income from start of second year - TWO THOUSAND POUNDS

United States
1. Total Investment $ 3000.00 (per licensed area)
2. Licence fee - $ 1500.00
3. Stock supplied - $ 1500.00
4. Sales of stock to retail sector equals $ 4000.00
5. Annuity income from start of second year - $ 2400.00


Due to the unique nature of the product and the way in which it is marketed a limited number of licences will be awarded to successful applicants. Because the product is distributed directly to the medical profession, preference will be given to applicants who are already calling on Pharmacies, Doctors and Hospitals. However all applications will be carefully assessed and considered on merit and enthusiasm. In order for Elixir to select potential licence holders, please e-mail a comprehensive CV to elixir@saol.com  Once selection of successful applicants is complete, more detailed and comprehensive information will be sent to the successful applicant for further discussions. Please note, if you do not receive correspondence within two weeks, consider your application, unsuccessful. Every attempt will be made to respond to all enquiries.