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The 24-hour monitoring is kindly managed and controlled by Chubb Security, who has one of the most up to date emergency call centers in the country. Due to the lifesaving nature of our product Chubb do all the monitoring FREE of charge as a community service for our patients. We therefore do not have to charge a monthly monitoring fee, thus making this essential product available to everyone who needs it.

At present we are concentrating on the South African market, but due to our new internet based monitoring software the product is now totally international, resulting in a great number of patients purchasing an Elixir bracelet for international travel. The Elixir bracelet now allows everyone to have their medical records and history wherever they go.

SMS SERVICE (South Africa Only)
Elixir is the first Emergency Medical Identification product to use SMS messaging to get ALL medical information to the paramedic or doctor at the scene of an accident or in an emergency situation, all the attending medical officer has to do is give the call center operator his cell number. Within approximately 30 seconds, he will receive all the patients’ information via SMS directly to his cell phone. This information is critical during the Golden Hour after an accident has occurred, it will be the difference between life and death.

Some examples of information to be sent via SMS:

Severe allergies to medication:
Giving a patient a certain medication they are allergic to could kill them rather than save their life.

Medication complications:
If a patient is on a blood-thinning drug (Warfarin) and received a non-steroidal Anti Inflammatory drug there is a huge risk of a hemorrhage.

Medical devices:
There are a huge number of patients with pacemakers, a paramedic needs to know this before treating or again the might kill the patient rather than save their life.

Medical Conditions:
There are hundreds of thousands of patients with medical conditions in South Africa. Heart condition patients, Organ Donors, Epileptic patients and Transplant patients. Diabetics, they can go into a diabetic coma at any time.

All of the above conditions need special attention before medical treatment, thus explaining how vital the patient information is to the attending medical officer. Calling a call center and trying to write down the information, at night, in the rain, sirens blaring and people screaming is virtually impossible. Our new monitoring system together with an SMS service provider will simply, with the click of a mouse SMS all this vital information to the medical officer’s cell phone that could and would save someone’s life. We are implementing this SMS system free of charge to our patients, therefore making it accessible to anyone that needs it.