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Email: | Phone: 086 1115 178 | Fax: 086 0103 684

Register – Copper Bracelet

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Select Subscription Option

The ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION is payable ONLY from the SECOND YEAR of ownership. There is no charge for the first year. Please complete the authorisation below as this obviates the need for us to send accounts. If you do not operate a bank account please call us at 0861 115 178 to make alternate arrangements and enable us to activate your bracelet.

Payment of my Annual/Monthly subscription only commencing 1 year AFTER the date of purchasing a bracelet and continuing until termination by me/us by giving you thirty days’ notice in writing. In the event of an increase in this amount in excess of 10% per annum, I must be advised by ELIXIR, prior to such withdrawal. All such withdrawals from my/our bank account by you shall be treated as though they had been signed by me/us personally. If this debit order / Payfast Payment is dishonoured for any reason, ELIXIR is authorised to resubmit it for payment until such time as it is honoured.


  1. Debit Order Annual R 240.00
  2. Debit Order Monthly R 20.00
  3. Payfast Payment Annual R 240.00

Bank Debit Order

Monthly / Yearly

EFT Debit Order

Payment only from second year.

Payfast Debit Order


Payment only from second year.

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